Wednesday 7 January 2009

cycling city work begins

There's a sign up on Muller road, proud of the fact we live in a cycling city, and promising progress.

The first developments have begun, although this bit of work was planned earlier on. Some of the cash is coming from Cycling City. The path from St Werburgh's (Hopetoun) is being widened to reduce pedestrian/bike problems, and perhaps link up with more improvements of the route north to MOD Abbey wood

Monday was the last chance to enjoy this stretch as a bit of "off-road"; this morning the bulldozer was out and this path was being dug up.

From a commuter perspective this is progress: no thorn bushes to tear holds in your nice waterproofs; no mud to cause problems at either end. From a mountain biker perspective: more tarmac, less fun. Nobody ever takes tarmac away, so this bit of rough-stuff is gone forever. Such is progress.

Incidentally, the Bristol Cycling Campaign was in favour of the development, but felt that without safe crossings of Ashley Down Road and Muller Road, it would be inadequate.

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