Monday 26 January 2009

Who tows the tow trucks?

Nobody, by the look of things

You have to fix it wherever it breaks down.

Fortunately, the Eastern end of Fairfield Road, Montpelier is wide enough to sustain trucks, camper vans and caravans on both sides of the road, so it is not inconveniencing anyone.

What is scary is that someone was under this vehicle last night doing repairs, at night. Look how safely it is held up: bricks and a couple of bits of metal, and imagine what would happen if a passing vehicle were to accidentally clip it, all of that would come down on top of anyone unlucky to be underneath. Not good. This is why garages have lots of equipment to life up vehicles or pits to get underneath them.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am an excited resident of Falkland Road who has the joy of being woken up by the owner of this truck revving his engine most mornings. We've noticed that he now seems to be running his breakdown business from here, leaving sometimes four separate vehicles parked here, fixing them 'live' whilst we watch.

Would have been dreadful if he'd been squashed!