Friday 30 January 2009

More visitors to the PRSC

"Mr W" points us a lovely flickr photo of some people coming to Stokes Croft for a photoshoot

Question is, what are they trying to photo?
1: The lovely painting in the background, ruined by an ugly car on the pavement in front of it
2: The fact that it's OK to park your car on the pavement in Stokes Croft
Follow up issues to consider is if this is used in any advertising campaign, does the copyright holder of the artwork have any say in the matter, and are there any issues with parking illegally in the act of creating a car advert. Let's wait and see. I

1 comment:

Chris Hutt said...

It's kind of perverse that graffiti should be used to advertise cars, especially if it ends up on an advertising hoarding. I wonder if anyone could claim copyright.

The logical response is to spray graffiti over that model of car whenever it appears on the streets. That will make them think twice about associating their product with graffiti.