Saturday 31 January 2009

Edinburgh commuting

Nice little Youtube channel of someone who cycles in to Edinburgh with a camera on their head -sometimes they film the drive for comparison. The footage is all a bit dark -if you are wondering why there are so many cars driving around in darkness, that's scottish winters for you; the films are probably taken at 08:45 in December with daylight some months off.

Best video is this one

It is either an argument in favour of helmets, or in praise of maintaining some distance between you and the vehicle in front, especially if the vehicle in front is bus. Remember: whoever crashes into the back of someone else is viewed as liable.

It's interesting that there so many buses in these videos: a reminder that there are some cities in the country the same size as Bristol which have a functional bus service. They're getting a tram line too.


Anonymous said...

For buses and lorries, if you can't see the driver's eyes in the mirror, then they can't see you.
It's best to hang back, so you can see the mirrors. Buses always have a tenedancie to pull away then brake sudenly, as the try and get out of the bus lane which is blocked by a car, and misjudge the distance.

Anonymous said...

Also good, when turning across traffic, is to have visibility of what the straight-on cars are up to, instead of assuming that if the vehicle in front is going, it is safe and legal for you to follow.

Looking at how the cyclist did that turn, I think he got that bit wrong too.

Anonymous said...

Edinburgh is one of the best cities I've visited in terms of buses. The drivers were polite and helpful, gave us directions when we got stuck, and explained where we could catch connecting buses, every fare was £1, most bus stops had working displays which told you when the next bus was coming even it the outer areas of the city, nearly every bus we went for arrived on time and the changing of drivers took seconds, rather that the 20 minute wait we often have to endure in Bristol.

SteveL said...

I used to live in Edinburgh; there's lots of it I still miss. Not the dark wintry mornings though. The bus service is still council run, and retains the idea of being a transport for the city, rather than a profit system for a stock-exchange listed company

another aspect of edinburgh is the inner city has long been residents only; I dont know how many people do drive in to work -though I suspect much of the traffic to the banking centres on the outskirts are motorised. Would be good to get some data.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy the show :)

It is still quite dark here, I do 17 miles each way though so have to start quite early!

"Also good, when turning across traffic, is to have visibility of what the straight-on cars are up to"

Actually there is no oncoming traffic at this junction, when our traffic stream has green, they have a red light. /Normally/ it's quite smooth!

Anonymous said...

Which junction is it? I lived there from 85-89, and while it looks familiar, I can't place. Somewhere near Lothian Road is my best guess

Anonymous said...

We're looking west on Shandwick Place, the filter light is to turn buses, taxis and bikes north onto Queensferry Road.,-3.208008&spn=0.004758,0.009656&z=17