Friday 16 January 2009

Cycle Town Portsmouth: the bollards

One impressive feature of the shopping street in Portsmouth is the number of bollards to discourage driving and parking on the pavement. This is downtown Southsea, not Pompey-central, whose infamous Tricorn Centre has been demolished and awaiting someone getting finance to build a replacement. Our Cabot Circus has taken on the role of being Britain's new Tricorn Centre.

By this zebra crossing, there are bollards and bike parks to stop anyone parking their car on the pavements in the zig-zag area. Given the cost of adding bollards, there's a signal here that such parking was in fact a problem until they went in.

Similarly, side roads have bollards mid-pavement to discourage cars, people with push-chairs, etc. Sometimes you have to make a little sacrifice.

Does it work? It depends on your definition of "work". Certainly it stops cars parking half on the pavement in the zig-zag section of a zebra crossing.

Mission Accomplished, then!

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