Wednesday 28 January 2009

New bike parking in Gloucester Road

The existing bike racks in Gloucester Road now have some more racks added alongside them. As there is existing trees and phone boxes in the area, they do not take away through routes for pedestrians.

The new bike parks provide an ideal place for cyclists to stop, especially given that just after the new racks the bike lane comes to a halt in the form of the taxi WU57YGO.

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually fairly zen about cars parking over bike lanes. They park at the roadside when there's no bike lane too.

Provided there's no parking restriction (double yellow lines, no waiting signs, etc), then there's no real difference. In many ways, it may actually benefit cyclists.

No, really! With cars parked irregularly, especially if they effectively narrow the road enough so that vehicles have to slow down for oncoming traffic, then I think it's a good-ish thing.

Why people would want to drive for short journeys around town in the first place is of course an entirely different issue.