Thursday 8 January 2009

Not just cold: it's F-cold

Don't see many people out enjoying a morning dip in St Andrews paddling pool this week

The fact it is covered in frozen ice may be a factor.

From our A&E correspondent: "I have seen an extraordinarily high number of cyclist injuries at
Frenchay ED this winter, many due to ice but overall no particular cause predominates and no pattern discernible."


Peter said...

i was thinking the same exact thing just now. but then again - i always think that.

i'm in sf, where it is not quite freezing just yet, but the old building i live in has perfectly good drafts throughout, so i always know the temperature outside.

Anonymous said...

"frozen ice" ... is there any other kind?

Anonymous said...

Good point. We have other words for those states of water: water, steam. You have found an error in our coverage of this city's transport issues. Consider yourself rewarded with the opportunity to provide your own photograph of what you think we should be discussing.