Monday 19 January 2009

Idiot comments

We currently run a wide-open comments policy, because it makes things more entertaining. But every so often we get comments by naive idiots, today's being "Peacy Combson" commenting on Lockleaze.

I have visited your beautiful and stylish website..And I can suggest,
The style is default and as for the photos, they tend to get not just the exposure wrong but even the horizon, so are not considered beautiful or stylish. Compliments like this just raise suspicion

Lets exchange the links between our websites..
In the absence of a reason, let's not
I couldn't find contact page, that's why I'm writing here:
My preferred link:
idiot who doesnt read the blog before commenting
Please put mine, and tell me your link(complete linking info), my e-mail is, I'll put it immediately...

Delete this comment afterwards...

Best Regards
Peacy Combson
The site we are requested to link to is some US-centric car web site that is currently comparing the Porche Cayenne with the BMW X6. Given that our only criteria for comparing them would be which has to park more on the pavement or how best for a passing cyclist to take down their wing mirror without damaging their forearm, linking to this site is not possible;. instead we 've just left the email address up for the spam harvesters to find. Sorry -but those who live by spam deserve to drown in it.

Some random car-loans site has also just tried to link to us, but it wasn't even funny enough to deserve criticism. Straight in the bin instead. We consider these feeble attempts to get lisnks from our site to be a metric of success. We only link to local web sites, journalism sites like Crap Cycling and Walking in Waltham Forest, or spoof sites like the Association of British Drivers.

We do regularly accept suitably entertaining photographs of Bristol streets, ideally with matching commentary, but not necessarily. Ideas from elsewhere that we can adopt are also welcome. The contribution policy is documented.

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