Thursday 12 February 2009

After the snow, the ice

Some cold but sunny days has left the snow on the ground, but turned into a nice layer of ice, with the meltwater freezing at night too. On those bike paths where no cars go, such as the UWE-Lockleaze path, it's pretty hazardous

Which means it is time to get off the bike, get on your feet and enjoy the winter morning. You may have to walk, but it is not raining, there is no headwind.

This particular cyclist is being very considerate and isn't getting back on his bike where there is a risk of falling onto the car WP53YMW.

Since the Tailspin housing estate sold this road to UWE, it's become a secret student parking place, which is starting to create bike/car conflicts. The cars could actually park on the road here, but there is that fear of wingmirror and bodywork damage forcing them into the main bike/pedestrian route between UWE and the city.

1 comment:

Chris Hutt said...

Wouldn't it be unfortunate if a passing cyclist accidentally knocked off the wing mirror. Then the poor motorist would have to park back in the road.