Friday 6 February 2009

Setting an example

One reason for pavement parking is you don't want to stick out further than anyone else. Stick too far in though, further in than your neighbours, and they might get offended, think you are taking too much of the pavement away. It's tough problem

Here, on Shaldon Road, the council is trying to do something about it, by strategically placing vans along the road, showing the correct way to park on our city streets.

WP06CX is parked one wheel on the pavement, not quite half way over.

Further up, CN06CFX is parked a bit less on the pavement, enough for a driver to show they care about their vehicle, and view the pavement as "their" property, but not enough to make driving off hard.

This example-setting appears to work. On the day these photographs were taken, there were no vehicles parked further on the pavement than the council vans. Given that sometimes one can encounter vans parked completely on the pavement, this is quite a significant improvement.

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