Saturday 7 February 2009

Demi-Drives of Montpelier

Contributor KL sends in this snap of a mercedes SUV on St Andrews Road, Montpelier, parked in the entrance to Montpelier Park, sticking out into the pavement. Apparently this space "belongs" to this car, despite a sign on the wall behind warning that cars parked here will be towed.

When you compare the other vehicles on on this pavement, this car, Y529KTF, is actually taking up less of the pavement than most of them. It is possible to get a push chair up this part of the hill. The only way it could be interfereing with pedestrians would be if it stopped those parents-with-babies from taking their little one into Montpelier Park itself. But given that urban park is not "area for small children to play" as "place to take your dog for its bathroom duties" for everyone who lives near, this vehicle is actually protecting children. It is a valuable contribution to child safety in this part of town.

Incidentally, one reason why anyone who parks here gets as far on the pavement as they can is that there is a "St Andews Road Avonmouth" which is the right size and shape for HGVs. If the driver taps in "St Andews Road Bristol" to the SatNav by accident, this is the road where their truck ends up.

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