Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Where to sell a car

This car, M523RRD, blocking the pavement just off Whiteladies Road, is for sale

It has been sitting in the same place, unmoving, for at least a week. Why?

There is a lot of pedestrian traffic, and anyone who has to somehow deal with the car in their way will stop and look at the for-sale sign in the windscreen. Anyone walking down the road clearly isn't driving, and is therefore in the market for a 1994 Rover.

Another possible reason for it being reverse parked this way could be due to mechanical issues. It may just have broken down in that exact place while its owner was earning money as a Domino Pizza delivery driver. More subtly, it may have a broken gearbox with no functional reverse gear. By pushing the car into a place where the only way out is forward, it is possible to sell a car without the purchaser noticing that the gearbox is shot. This is why, when you buy a second hand car, you should always try to reverse park it at least once.


SP said...

How much is it?

Anonymous said...

Didnt Look. Those rovers were built at Longbridge but with a lot of Honda input so have better QA applied to them than their predecessors.