Thursday 5 February 2009

Altruism in Redland

Redland is not known for bullying. It's a sustainable suburb. THE sustainable suburb.

So it was shocking to come across two Minis ganging up on a lonely silver hatchback. The red mini was being particularly aggressive - face on, giving it large, blocking the silver car. But also parked half across the pavement, forcing pedestrians to move towards the road (thankfully not into the road, as so many cars in this street park half-on and half-off that it prevents conflict between pedestrians and moving vehicles - but I digress).

Anyway, as I said, Redland is not known for it's bullying.

This photo, however, reveals that the Red Mini is in fact being highly altruistic. It's not bullying, but protecting footpath users from bumping into the badly positioned bins further up the hill. Much more like the sustainable Redland we've all come to love. 

I suspect the bins may also deserve a mention for their role in this affair... after all, they've been ejected from their garden by the cars, and are now having to live on the streets.

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