Tuesday 17 February 2009

Smarter Parking with Smart Cars

Lot's of SmartCar coverage this week, showing the value these vehicles have in the city

First, in Kingsdown Parade, the SmartCar shows how, when parking on double yellow lines at a corner, it manages to leave room were a second SC willing to park behind it, and if not, the junction retains some visibility and the dropped kerb is open.

Second, down in St Paul's, where Smart Car YJ04TLX has been smartly parked outside the CEED building on Wilder Street in St. Paul's.

Contributor Bristle KRS says "It was there for the best part of today and yesterday, till not that long ago when it pulled away from its perpendicular position to smartly cruise elsewhere. I didn't think to snap its profile, but it blocks half the southbound side of Wilder Street, hence forceing traffic to slow down and give way, creating a de facto HomeZone along the road. Smart."

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