Tuesday 10 February 2009

Mud: enjoy it or leave

Here are some other people out enjoying the excellent mud-with-snow conditions on Ashton Court this sunday morning

Expressions of glee on their faces, "chaos! everything!" they say, as they sprint past, faster than I could cycle for the last five years.

Leaving nothing but a trail of mud up the back of their clothes as they vanish into the next mudfield.

Elsewhere, over in 50 acre wood, some people didn't seem so happy. One of them pushing their bike up, the others pining for Spain and looking doubtful about claims that these mud conditions are excellent.

While Spain is good, the pound euro rate renders it a premium destination. Even wales is an expensive trip abroad, or a long pedal. Get used to Bristol, get used to mud. Or leave. now. Your weaknesses have been noted. Especially you at the back, pushing. But, you were wearing shorts, which makes up for things. This time.


gareth said...

I wish the cyclist who almost crashed into me and my dogs in woodland at Eastville Park post snow had experienced the mud a little more

SteveL said...

I'm sorry. I will write up the story of Brian and the Bear some time to make you feel better. Sometimes the animals fight back.