Tuesday 17 February 2009

Pig lazy parking

Witnessed a jaw-dropping piece of pig lazy parking a couple of nights ago but, alas, no photo as I didn't have my mobile with me at the time (slapped wrist from Steve L!). I popped down the street to the local shop for a can of beer. The shops have a lay-by for parking in front of them and it's usually empty on a sunday night. Drivers who park legally have about, oh, 3.5m to walk to the shop door. Imagine my reaction when, on leaving the shop, a driver mounted the pavement and casually drove along it so that his car door was level with the shop door. On opening the car door it almost touched the step of the shop. He could then step out of the car and straight into the shop thus saving the energy required to walk about 3 metres. He wasn't elderly or disabled, just an average guy like me. Now that's what I call pig lazy parking!.


SteveL said...

Can you do a sketch for us instead?

Bagpuss said...

I saw similar in Horfield, 4 by 4 on pavement level with the door of Bargain Booze, also kicked myself for lack of camera phone.