Sunday 8 February 2009

Transport Hub

This vehicle, half on the pavement, half on a double yellow line, is waiting

The vehicle in front is parking in front of a taxi-only space for a single taxi; where it is waiting it would block any turning vehicles, such as, say, a bus.

Why would one expect a bus to be turning here? For the same reason the taxis and the cars are here: this is the bus station.

If you are doing dropoff or pickup by car, these two spots are the only places you can do it. Of course they are going to wait here. It's inconvenient, but the only alternative would be a short stay dropoff zone, like round the corner at the BRI, and as everyone who goes past that knows, it's a medium-stay-sit-in-the-car zone which wouldn't be any good for trying to drop someone off at the bus station.

This leaves three access options to the long-haul bus network
  • FirstBus buses which may or may not work
  • Taxis
  • Parking for six bicycles
  • Space for two cars to park on the pavement, so stopping all buses
Some subversives has proposed an integrated transport hub at templemeads, where it would be possible to get from a bus to a train without relying on any FirstBus services. This is wrong, as FirstBus are an invaluable aspect of our city and can be relied on, just as TfL can be trusted in London.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely - where would we BE (literally) without the delightful experience and use of such an efficient and worthy transport system provided my FirstBus? Please don't ever rebrand yourselves to the more realistic LastBus as we would all be thrown into a complete state of confusion.