Wednesday 4 February 2009

Making the walk to school entertaining

Contributor "TG" sends in some photos and commentary

Albany Road is the main entrance to St Barnabas primary school, and
the considerate residents have found a way to liven up the route for
active youngters. They've arranged wheelie bins and recycle boxes into
an urban obstacle course. Perfect for kids. Adults can join in the fun
too: try and slalom around the bins with a buggy, or wheeling a

If little legs get tired, why not relax on the comfy mattress?

Whooooo! Was that a ghost? No, just a couple of parked motor bikes.

Some people may thing that these bins are out because it is rubbish collection day: those people do not live in Bristol. For a lot of the city, there simply isn't room to leave the wheelie-bins in gardens, and with nobody understanding the rubbish collection rules, once the bins are out, they stay out until the week that their contents are actually emptied.

The alternative option: put the bikes and bins in the street, would take up parking spaces and create conflict between neighbours. Yet for those children that are trying to cycle and scooter to school, a busy pavement is a fun pavement, and they make the journey more entertaining without introducing risk. Which means for a parent, it becomes that much easier to persuade them to walk, at least from the far end of this cul-de-sac

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