Friday 6 February 2009

Snow chaos finally arrives.

Today is a good day to be in hiking boots, MTB with wide tyres and disc brakes, or a landrover with a tow rope. One of the latter is currently rescuing cars on my road for a fee.

Today is a bad day to
  • Be in a hurry to get anywhere
  • Not want to spend a day with your offspring at home
  • Be trying to drive up Cotham Brow in rear-wheel-drive BMW with bald tyres
  • Be a Herberts Bakery van with rear wheel drive trying to get over Cotham
  • Own a car that is parked on the roadside of a herberts bakery van delivery route
As somone whose under-used car falls into the latter category, I was out and busy between 8:30 and 9:00 pushing cars away from my own. At one point there was line of cars abandoned with their hazards on on every hill hereabouts: Cotham Brow, Cotham Road, Horfield Road. The police had shut whiteladies by the Clifton down railway station and  were directing cars this way, which seemed a bit of short term planning. Close one hill road due to snow and direct cars onto steeper hills with more snow.

Pictures to follow.

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