Monday 16 February 2009

Multimodal Interchange

Whiteladies Road, weekday morning. I am cycling along the pavement and yet am forced to get off and walk

Because the van EA52TSU is in the way.


Quercus said...

Have another look at that 'pavement'.

I reckon it's slowly turning into a road. Notice the missing slabs being replaced by tarmac. It's more than 50% tarmac already. Nearly a road. This is stealth road-widening.

So the van is probably right to park here. Which means you weren't cycling on the pavement...

SteveL said...

I think at some point they widened the pavement, but then they also stuck up that extra triangle of shops in the middle of it, so the total area has remained constant.

What the van was doing was cutting off the option of turning left from the road into the university car park, which is my normal sprog tow, so even road cycling was not convenient.

Chris Hutt said...

Quercus' observation reminds me of Flann O'brien's Third Policeman and the theory of molecular exchange between the policeman and his bicycle so that they eventually become one and the same.

So it could be that pavement parking provokes a molecular exchange between road and pavement, via the car tyres, so that the two eventually become indistinguishable. Or has that already happened?