Saturday 14 February 2009

ice work

This looking down Cotham Hill from the St Michael's Hill roundabout, a couple of days after the snow had turned to ice.

bikes and pedestrians get the same experience: danger. Except that as bikes lose balance in such a spectacular manner, its pretty hazardous.

Getting off and walking is good here; the alternative is to into the oncoming traffic lane.

Further down, the ice has a couple of melted patches: the drain and the manhole cover. Those are actually the two thinks to look out for here: you need to go between them, curve round to the left of the traffic island and plan for the not-that-unlikely event that any car approaching from Woodland Road to the left in a search for parking spaces will actually stop before the bike lane, and/or look in your direction before turning.

This is actually, believe it or not, an invaluable road traffic facility. Not just for bikes; it is the bikes going down here that creates the opportunities for cars heading the other way to pull out at the roundabout. The only other way to get out is to deliberately pull out in front of another car.

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