Monday 2 February 2009

Snow brings chaos to Bristol #1

It's been a bad day out there.

Here we can see a car that must have spun out of control on a blind corner and ended half-way up on the pavement. Lucky nobody got hit on this path between St Andrew's Park and Sefton Primary School.

In London, TfL cancelled all their bus services. In Bristol something worse happened: FirstBus offered a normal weekly service. This is worse, because at least when TfL cancels every bus you know you need to come up with an alternative plan. Whereas when FirstBus are running their normal service, you get to stand out in the freezing cold for an hour or so before concluding the bus is just "missing"

While the snow kept the local bus service on its knees, it did at least provide an opportunity for Lockleaze residents to use alternate transports to escape from the suburb.

They have apparently been waiting for eight years for this snow, as finally they could make their attempt to get over the hill and in to that place their grandparents had told of -now they too will be able to tell their own grandchildren in years to come about the day they visited Stapleton.

Given the choice between waiting for FirstBus or rolling in the snow and pushing your friend over the fields, it's pretty clear which option makes sense.

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