Friday 6 February 2009

St Michael's Hill: road closed

The police are advising only people with urgent needs to go out in their cars. St Michael's Hill is closed at Tyndall's Avenue, and again at the bottom and on Horfield Road; the through routes are all blocked off. Technically, the city is now partitioned.

Only people with urgent needs are driving, and, given the adverse weather conditions, these priority drivers are taking the police signs into account

To ignore the road closed sign and head down a 1 in 6 hill without a "winterized" vehicle would be reckless, and the kind of thing that your car insurance company would take into account as and when you have any accident.

It is times like this when our drivers show their years of winter experience, their knowledge of which roads are too dangerous to use in fresh snow, rather than blindly drive round town on the same routes they normally use.

To even imply anything else would be to impune the competence and behaviour of the drivers of cars like HT08BZS, BN04HLV, and WN57ZXP.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the problem is, to be honest. Or are all these people driving with summer tyres?

Anonymous said...

at that point in the road you cannot see if it is going to be worse. All you know is that the police have closed it. If it is worse further down, you are committed.

And we don't normally drive on winter or all-season tyres in the UK; they are effectively summer+rain tyres.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

All my german co-workers drove in to work on winter tyres, didn't see what the fuss was either. I had my snow chains if needed, but wasn't in need of going anywhere. You are still at risk from everyone else who is driving around without traction or stopping ability.