Saturday, 14 February 2009

Silver Lining to the Credit Crunch

Christmas is over, and the Credit Crunch may be bad for many, but for a few it is proving very good news.
On Bristol's famous Gloucester Road, for instance, there are some fantastic opportunities for saving money and beating the recession.
Every cloud, it seems, has a silver lining, and free parking is not to be sniffed at as the drivers of WR07ENX and V808LUK have found to their benefit.


SteveL said...

heh, you beat me to the post of the van in front of taurus recruiting; I will have to downgrade that one to draft. I think it belongs to roberts hifi across the road

DonaQixota said...

And think of all the now conveniently idle building sites across Bristol. Some of them could even offer garaging, with a little care.


SteveL said...

good point, and good pics. I will need to pop over the semi-abandoned B&Q in filton, and show how its car park has become a free parking area for UWE students. Every closed down superstore is a park and ride or park and walk opportunity.

quercus said...

Oops, sorry for the hasty post - the Christmas shop pic this morning just seemed to good to miss. I'd better check what's coming up in the future each time!

SteveL said...

no, keep them coming! I will just postpone my for a few more days and tweak the pic is from the other direction, so it is different.