Tuesday 2 September 2008

Back to school week

The schools start this week, so its time to see if we can effect change in how people park in front of schools.
When doing sprog dropoff or just going past schools, see if you can collect snaps of cars up on the pavement or parked on the don't park lines, and we'll start building up data on who parks where. We do have the email addresses of some of the safe-route-to-school people, so we can engage in discourse about the whole topic.

Try to avoid being mistaken for someone takeing photos of small kids, because you can be arrested for that.

And Remember: "Peidiwch codi braw - parciwch fan draw"

This is Welsh, but given how few people read the English equivalent, they may as well paint it outside our Bristol schools: show you care - park elsewhere


Unknown said...

You cant be arrested for taking pictures of kids old mucker, only if they are in a compromising situation.

Out side a school is public property and you have the right to take pictures of whatever you like on public property!

SteveL said...

You know, I know that, but I'm not sure bristol police know that, not when they arrest people photographing the police reversing up a one way street.

jah p said...

Here's the usual traffic chaos outside Sefton Park School in ashley down.


[that's my picture, though not my website]