Friday 12 September 2008

wheel alignment

This is another of the ongoing L-Plate series, this one, interestingly enough outside a church. Maybe parking close to your place of worship is a need of modern churchgoers. Anyway, we don't really want to been seen to be victimising learner drivers, as they are in fact some of the safest drivers in the city. They are the least aggressive, stay at or below the speed limit, and look before acting. In dual-control systems, they also stop well.

But even so, sometimes their parking needs to be worked on. This one? The front wheel is not fully aligned back with the car. They need to learn to just straighten up the steering wheel when parking, so that the wheel isn't sticking out to catch passing traffic, or damage itself against the kerb. Still, a bit of practise and they will be there.
{car:P751LWA; location:sneyd-park}

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Anonymous said...

Was there not a free spot in the cemetery for this car to park? It seems a bit much for the church to expect their congregation to walk more that 10 steps to worship.

No wonder attendance numbers are dwindling