Thursday 18 September 2008

range-rover parking

We do now have a photo of one -exactly one- range rover that is parked in compliance with the highway code. This is not it; this is the range rover G1UYA in Oakfield road Clifton.

The owner has tried to park it in the driveway, but the presence of other vehicles, like a fiesta and a scooter. Inconsiderate vehicles that have forced this one out into the pavement.

Where there is barely enough room to get a bicycle by.

One interesting question about the proposed CPZ parking scheme, is will it increase pressure to overfill driveways. If you pay the #2 vehicle fee for a second vehicle, then you save a lot of money by parking half in the drive, half on the garden or pavement. Indeed, you could probably earn money by renting out such space.

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