Saturday 6 September 2008

Disabled Parking

I can't help wondering if my ongoing knee issues put me in a position to apply for a disabled parking permit. Because it radically expands the places where you can park in the city.

Unfortunately, as this car WM06BLK has discovered, have a park-outside-your-house permit does not exempt you from wingmirror bashes. So you need to park on the pavement too.

This is the top of Cotham Brow/Cotham Road incidentally; the yellow lines went in a couple of years ago to provide an opportunity for the bus to pull out, and to provide a safe bit of cycling after a fairly harsh climb even for those people whose knees actually work properly. You need to recover here before pulling into traffic for the right turn onto Cotham Road. It will be interesting to see if this car continues to exploit its park-where-you-want facility once the roadworks on this road go and through traffic returns to Cotham.

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