Thursday 4 September 2008

Bike Lane Parking in Stokes Croft

The stokes croft bike lane is part of the showcase bus network, it feeds in to the bus lanes past the lights and so is a popular cycle path. Because the road has lots of road traffic, it is essential to keep clear of traffic, especially during the morning and evening peak hours. Here at 9:05 am on a weekday, we see the little Mercedes A-Class WU55RZP risking a ticket by parking on the lane.

They are lucky there are no police cars about. Even a police car heading in the opposite direction could spot this, pull over and ticket the car for parking on double yellow lines or on a bike lane. In fact, if the police car were waiting at the lights in the opposite direction, one of the officers in the van could probably do that before the lights had changed. Yes, this car was very lucky.


Anonymous said...

so why has the police van in the background not given the motorist a ticket?

SteveL said...

Martin, I think you are missing the point here. Irony. that's the word you want to be thinking of when you read our text.