Sunday, 7 September 2008

Cycle City Bristol: the school effort

Colston's Primary School is one of the schools to be proud of when it comes to cycle parking. There is a little courtyard for kids to drop off their scooters and bikes, one that is inside the playground -yet separated by a low wall- so that kids can scoot or cycle in to school, leave their transport safely and have a nice day at school while their parents walk on to work or back home. Lots of parents even help push their sprogs up the hill from Montpelier, which is a wonderful effort.

Except not this term.

As the sign says "please do not bring them to school"

There is no longer any parking facility in the school, so the kids have been told to stop cycling in.

Bristol: a cycling city


Anonymous said...

This, of course makes the vital idealogical point that bikes and scooters aren't 'real' transport. Teach 'em young. Well done Colston's.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Nicely put workbike. Imagine if all the driving parents were told (by someone), "do not bring your kids in the car as there is no parking for a term".

Actually, having raised this issue in the school office, we reached an unspoken understanding that there is a place we can leave our bikes without trouble.

Great blog - I'm subscribing by RSS. More about bikes please. Death to all cars - although I have a big fat 3 litre one.