Thursday 25 September 2008

Kingsdown Parking Enforcement

Here is something not yet seen since the data collection/mining experiment began: a car ticketed for parking in Kingsdown, here on Nugent Hill. I suppose it would be time to be smug about a vehicle getting ticketed for corner parking. But no.

Because it isn't doing anything wrong.

The Nugent Hill/Sydenham Road junction is such a gentle angle that it barely constitutes a corner; there are no dropped kerbs and it isn't inconveniencing cars. If the police were going to go round Kingsdown to ticket a few cars, there are other places where the way the cars are parked either is inconveniencing other road users and pedestrians, or is a sign of dangerous driving.

Here in Fremantle Square, there are four cars facing the wrong way down the one-way stretch. Number of tickets: zero.

And here in Somerset Street, there is car parked up on the pavement, despite the fact that there is a space opposite. No sign of police ticketing the car WX04NFW.
(all photos taken at 18:00 on 23 sept, within a few minutes of each other)

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