Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Range Rover Parking

As mentioned previously contributions of photos (and links to uploaded youtube videos) are welcomed at traffic at railwaypath.org . One thing we are looking for is photographic evidence that it is technically feasible to park a Range Rover legally on a road within Bristol.

All our content so far shows that range rovers, such as this one, CD57TJC can't park their vehicles without doing any of: parking on the pavement, parking where it is double yellow or school lanes, parking in front of bike paths, or parking near a corner. This one, on Cotham Road just by the St Michael's hill roundabout, is positioned perfectly to inconvenience bicycles heading down the hill to Gloucester Road. Which we can only assume was the plan.

The other possibility is that the van in front is blocking access to their driveway, so the 4x4 owner was forced to park up on the pavement by the junction, as there was nowhere else on this street to park at 6:30 on a weekday evening.

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