Sunday 9 November 2008

Cabot Circus Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking

There are unconfirmed rumours of bike parking arriving in Cabot Circus. Photographic evidence welcome, preferably including a satnav screenshot and the day's newspaper to show it isn't fake.

As for motorcycle parking, we have been forwarded an email discussion on that topic, with the final one being of interest. Motorcyclists: go park in the car park.

Whilst we are waiting for the permanent bike bays, can I suggest that you use the ground floor underneath the central stairs.


Norman Ship
Car Park Manager
Cabot Circus

There you have it. Somewhere dry to leave the bike so you can get in the shops and buy things.


Anonymous said...

I haven't got any photo's but I work opposite Cabot Circus and there are now lots of cycle hoops at various points in/around Cabot Circus.

In fact I half expected the Evening Post to run an article on the new bike stands as another example of how anti-car Bristol is ;)

Anonymous said...

I went round and checked today and was pleasantly surprised to find there are 14 new bike racks installed thanks to Cabot Circus.

5 on the road between CC & Broadmead
1 by House of Fraser
1 by McDonalds
2 by Castlemead
1 on the outside by Next
1 underneath the bridge on the car park side
3 in Quakers Friars

Sorry it was far too wet to count the number of actual hoops or take photos.

SteveL said...

thank you for checking out; it is nice to see they eventually acted. I havent taken any pics today either.

SP said...

New email from Norman, looks like they've taken some action:

"I am pleased to say there is now a bull bar fitted for securing motorbikes under the central stair case, there is also one by the side Houlten Street exit, but we are still waiting for a drop curb to fitted for easier access.

If customers (bikers) use these bays then bike parking is free.