Friday 7 November 2008

Losing Battle

Pulled over to snap the corsa KP54VLK using the premium-plus-short-stay parking by the shops on Cotham Road South.

While doing this, somone pulls over onto the other side of the road, nips out their Jaguar 880JOM and uses the zebra crossing to cross over. Well, if you do want to cross a road, parking by a zebra crossing is the closest place to stop.

It would be an interesting dataset: the number of vehicles that stop on the crossing lines here. Assuming it's for short stay cars only, you could run a lot of short stays through in a day. Which could actually put pedestrians more at risk than if the crossing wasn't there.


SP said...

What's interesting about this crossing is how short those zigzags actually are where that corsa is. Why does this crossing get such short zigzags? Surely the length of zigzags on a crossing is standardised nationally and driven by data from detailed safety studies?

Or perhaps the shops just moaned a bit and the council caved in, compromising on pedestrian safety so that the newsagent can sell a few more curly wurlys.

SteveL said...

That is something I've wondered too. It's half length. Admittedly that is downstream from the crossing, but it still sets up unrealistic expectations about how close to the crossing you can park. The markings on the other side are the same -they downgrade to yellow lines but they are ignored differently.