Tuesday 18 November 2008

Pavements: not just for big cars

One fact that is showing up in our photo database is that big cars that are hard to park end up taking most advantage of the double yellow line and keep clear facilities of this city. And well they should. By leaving these areas free of smaller cars, it leaves space for the larger ones, so allowing the city to accomodate many types of vehicle.

But that does not mean that pavements are for big cars only, as shown by this Matiz WF02SHG up on Shaldon Road, which has managed to get further in than the nearby cars.

Or this SmartCar HN02KRX on the opposite side of the road, which is also taking advantage of the lowered pavement.

Why do this? Because it reduces the chances of your vehicle being scraped by other vehicles. Accordingly, the distance on the pavement you park is driven not by how wide your vehicle is, but by how much you value it. The more you value it, the further on the pavement you get, until eventually you are fully on the pavement. It's not just about protecting your car, it's about making a statement about how much you care about it, one for everyone else to see. It says "my car is more important".

Bristol: we love cars, but mostly we loves our own car.


SP said...

I think some drivers actually think that's what parking is, and that if they're not partially on the pavement then other drivers might think they're errrrr queueing for something?

Unknown said...

I pass that damn smart car every day on my way up the hill in the morning, its always parked somewhere random, and its always clean.