Monday 17 November 2008

John Carrs Terrace

Chris Hutt visited his local proposed RPZ area to see what impact the zone would have on local life. This was a Sunday -the day the zone would not be live. Presumably, these pavement spaces will be open to anyone on those days

The rest of the week, only residents will be able to park on these pavements. The alternative: no parking on pavements, is too unthinkable to consider.

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Chris Hutt said...

John Carr's terrace is the one that appears to have been left out of the proposed Clifton RPS zone (your earlier post). Possibly the residents realised that they would lose the option of parking on the footway and so be limited to parking on one side of the road only (which wouldn't be adequate for the number of residents) and so voted against RPS.

Also John Carr's Terrace might be covered by the extension of the CPZ - - although the map isn't clear.