Tuesday 28 October 2008

Almost on the corner

In theory, you aren't meant to park on a corner. In practise, if you can get your car almost near a corner, then it's parked, especially off Alma Road in Clifton.

Here the Peugeot Y86JHU shows that a couple of feet from a corner works ok. It's "corner-ish"

Just after putting the camera away, a white astra with Bristol Parking Services drove by. I did indicate to the passenger that there was an illegally parked vehicle, to see what they would do, but she just mouthed "sorry" and put it away.

One experiment we have been debating is to get a white car, put some "Bristol Parking Services" stickers on the side and see if we park unscathed anywhere in the city. But having seen the car this morning, we have a new theory: someone else is running the same experiment. Just think. If you could park where you want just by having BPS sprayed on your car, you'd do it.

Perhaps that woman in the car wasn't mouthing "sorry" through the window, she was saying "Oh no, it's one of those idiots who think we can ticket cars again". Someone on a bike should follow the next of these cars they meet, just to see whether there really are parking services people in them

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SP said...

Oh look there's one of those pretty old lampposts stolen from Southville and St Andrews for 'Heritage Enhancement'