Sunday, 26 October 2008

Always room on the pavement for a small car

We've seen this little pavement parking area on Ashley Down Road before, again with a
Grant's Contractors van on it. Grants Contractors are based the other side of the underpass from here -2 minutes walk, 15 minutes drive. If someone does use this as the vehicle to get to and from work, they must want to keep an eye on the vehicle at night, as otherwise it is the slower option.

Today we can see that there is a small car, WA02WWX. Southville Roads have noted that
small cars park up on pavement too, and here we see the same behaviour: just because you have a small car, doesn't mean you don't value and want to keep it safe from scratches.

What you can see here is the benefit of small cars: they take up less space on the pavement. Look at the van: almost impossible for Sefton Park schoolkids to get past without stepping into the busy road. Whereas this little car? They could all dance happily by without even slowing down.

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