Tuesday 14 October 2008

Hope that's a lesson and not a test

Seen in Lockleaze at 14:00 14-Oct-2008, one of Robbie's driving school cars, with student and passenger.

Two possibilities: vehicle FG08OMV is in a test, and the driving examiner will later fail the student for parking on the dropped kerb of the access point of the Lockleaze-UWE bike path. Alternatively, its a lesson, and the driver is showing the student where not to park, by getting them to park there and then telling them off. Either way, it's another contribution to our ever-popular L-plate series, in which we document how Bristol drivers learn their bad habits before they even pass their exams.

Driving School Instructors reading this post: teach your students what not to do, and you won't find your vehicle up here.

[The only reason there is a space here is that on my way in this morning, I asked a commuter to the educational offices at the top of the road not to block the path -and they actually moved. That is, this L-plated car is here due partially to my earlier actions of the day. Oh, the irony!]

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SP said...

A good place to teach parallel parking without damaging your alloys methinks.