Saturday 18 October 2008

Keeping the Pavements Safe for Pedestrians

Gloucester Road on a weekday: a busy road with shoppers. Yet here is a van parked on the pavement. Isn't the van A12VOL inconveniencing and maybe endangering them?

Not at all. by making it hard to cycle on the pavement, the van is actually improving pedestrian safety.

So making Gloucester Road a better place to purchase consumer goods and keep Britain out of recession.

1. Photos submitted by "tomato"
2. The Bread Store, on Gloucester Road, does the best chocolate croissants this side of the English Channel. If you want to pretend you are cycling the Alps, get 4 petit-pain-au-chocolate from there and then head south to climb Nugent Hill 30 times in a row, pausing to eat a croissant every so often.

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