Tuesday 7 October 2008

The gardens of Montpelier

One photo essay being contemplated is "The gardens of Bristol"; a study of how different parts of the city have adapted to the problem of providing parking for your vehicle. Here, Cobourg Road, Montpelier.

This photo shows how tricky it is to get a 4x4 into such a small parking garden. It has had to reverse in, narrowly avoiding the front and side walls, and the windows at the front of the house. And it has to share the garden with the three different rubbish/recycling bins the council requires. That is some tricky parking, yet the car looks fine. It has also managed to avoid having even a single wheel on the pavement, which is a skill to admire. Yes, the fact that the pavement here is essentially part of the road may be a factor, but it takes up less pavement space than many other garden-cars we have encountered.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Now that is some impressive parking. It almost justifies having an urban SUV, just to get over the garden wall.

-- I am not commenting on the lack of a dropped curb making this illegal off street parking --