Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Cotham Grammar

Ignoring the issue of vehicles parked in the bus parking in Cotham Road, round the front of Cotham Grammar, there are almost no cars exploiting the parent-parking areas kindly provided by the council. This shows that in secondary schools, most students walk or bus to school. Indeed, a fair few take the train and walk up from Clifton Down or Redland stations. Very few parents appear to drive their kids in -only the very important ones.

This mercedes is one of the exceptions. The van that is blocked is actually a council vehicle on the way to the school; the gardening equipment hints they are going to maintain the greenery. It's not a job where every minute counts, yet they seemed distinctly unhappy that this car was stopping them get through. Can they not see it is a Mercedes? That they should wait patiently while the owner drops the kids off before going to whatever important appointment awaits? Some van drivers have no respect.

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