Wednesday 1 October 2008

Carboot Circus Parking #2

What about inside the new 'cathedral' part of Cabot Circus?

By Next, a hand rail provides somewhere for a bike to be locked; there is even cover for two of the bikes.

And outside, along Newfoundland Way, there is room to park five bikes the owners don't value to the kind of thin sapling that rock climbers hate to clip their protection on to, as a sharp tug will pull them out.

On the exit towards central Broadmead, there is a covered space that would be ideal for bikes, though not ones that could be locked.

Overall, there is parking for 15 bikes. That may seem bad, but is a very large improvement on what was feared. With parking for 5000 cars, no bike parking meant that that the car/bike parking ratio was a very large number: infinity. But now, 5000 cars to 15 bikes gives a ratio of 1 bike park to every 333 cars. Going down from 1:infinity to 1:333 is incredible progress! If the council doubles the parking to 30 bikes, we could get the ratio down to 1:150 just in time for Christmas!

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