Friday 10 October 2008

Corner Work

While checking out parking at various schools, this VW polo stood out. Not a parent; either a resident or a commuter, parked right on the corner

Or just sticking out, as the case may be

Pedestrians should not be crossing the road here; there is a traffic island a few metres behind the camera. Blocking them from having a safe crossing reinforces that crossing here is not advised. As for cars turning into Clifton Park Road, the extra sharpness and narrowness of the turn that this car forces turning vehicles to perform -that encourages them to slow down and hence drive past Clifton High school more carefully. The car number plate, 22784, is not a UK mainland plate, but whoever they are, they have picked up the local parking vernacular.


Rick said...


Unknown said...

Haha! Thats the best parking iv seen in sometime!

Also, bit of a looker in front of the car i feel :P