Monday 20 October 2008

Range Rovers

Some submissions for our "legally parked range rover competition

First entry, F192NWK rejected for the double yellow lines. Other than that technical detail, it's very well parked; not inconveniencing anyone. Which makes one wonder, why have yellow lines here, and not elsewhere.

Second up, one of the Montpelier vehicles parked parallel to the kerb, and not on the pavement -so marking it out from all the other vehicles.

This could be a joint winner -we'll need to check this to see if it isn't actually on single yellow lines.

This one, V006BHX fails as it's a Lexus on double yellow lines. But it is a hybrid, so no trees were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

Here we have, on Upper Cheltenham Road, a Range Rover H20SGP setting an example for all the other cars in the area. Parallel to the kerb, not stickling out, not blocking anything. Which shows: it is possible to park a Range Rover. Well done!

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