Thursday 16 October 2008

the Polis visit Lockleaze

Heading up Romney Avenue, here's a police car in the bus stop. There's a citizen in the back with them, they are out on call, so can park where they like.

And they do need to park here, because there's nowhere else to park. Taken up by other police cars, and now the fire engines are looking for somewhere to park.

It pulls round the corner; there seems to be a house there that merits attention. Lots of it.

And more police cars turn up. We have five cars and two fire engines now, and a possibly unrelated one up the road.

Interesting. Either there's something serious up, or the police only visit Lockleaze in numbers.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The police always turn up in numbers... I saw a car and a van turn up just to "talk" with a lad in a bus shelter up on the downs the other night. They never turn up as just a group of two in a car... its always 6. Plus community support officers call for backup before even talking to people.

I think its just because they fancy a gossip with each other after a lonely night looking for crims.

Might explain why they still haven't contacted me to collect the stolen property I retrieved for them last week (at the request of the police control room).