Saturday 4 October 2008

Christ Church School #2: the other entrances

Continuing a circuit of this school, the reason that parents are not dropping their kids off at this entrance becomes apparent. Because the school has roads on four sides, and entrances on three of those sides, there are easier roads to park on.

This peugeot, V594FGF, is using the Kensington Place entrance, which has a fine corner for unloading on

And a bit round the corner for overflow, which the Mazda appears to be taking advantage of.

Further round, Lansdown Road has a good dropoff area which the signage "show you care, park elsewhere" manages to keep free of residents, leaving it clear for parents in a hurry, such as the Audi WP53OOY

And the Honda R143TAO.

By providing a safe pavement stretch and two car-friendly dropoff/park zones, this school provides a balanced yet convienient access policy.

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