Sunday 26 October 2008

Learn to drive and park -Bristol Style

It's time for our L-plate photo of the week, here we have a BSM car in Bath Buildings, Montpelier.

It has a nice sign on the back, learn to drive, so that anyone seeing the car will think -yes, I should do that, and with these people I will pass my test first time.

Of course, KS08KKO is parked on double yellow lines just next to a corner, but we expect that whoever parked the car was clearly aware that they should not be parked here. That's the difference between the qualified teachers and everyone else: the instructors have a better understanding of what rules you have to completely ignore to park anywhere in the centre of Bristol.


Anonymous said...

I've booked a BSM instructor's car before: sat in a pedestrian zone whilst the driver turned his timesheet in to the office. When he came out and complained, I pointed out that as a driving instructor, he really should understand the signs.

Anonymous said...

We love driving lesson pics. It really winds up the driving instructor web sites. To be fair though, they are pretty safe drivers.