Wednesday 1 October 2008

BSM L-plate on the school run

We love photos of driving-school cars parking "Bristol Style"; post them to bristol.traffic at with the street where they taken, and other facts like "is there a school nearby".
We love the irony of the photos, and we can see from our server logs that there a few driving instructor web sites that have noticed the collection we are building up. Don't be ashamed! Don't be embarrassed!

Just because to use your car round the city means you have to completely discard everything that the highway code and the driving test tests for doesn't mean it is wrong. After all, our global finance system was meant to be run by bankers managing risk, and it turns out they we hopeless at it. If the banker's can't even get that right, why feel bad about having to ignore a few parking rules on your daily chores.

Here we have the BSM Astra KY08XHW, possibly doing the school run down Aberdeen road. It drove down this road really safely right up to this point, which, as it is the entrance to St Peters RC primary school, a nice act. It was only after getting past this bit that the driver decided to pull over into the double yellow line area. But look: not on the pavement, not blocking passing cars. This is considerate parking.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, this proves that just because you're a driving instructor doesn't mean you're not an idiot behind the wheel!

Keep embarassing the guys who give the rest of us a bad name.

SteveL said...

-we do like to note that driving instructor managed cars are the best drivers in the city; its just harder to video them and a video showing a car driving safely doesn't make for entertainment. Its only parking we pick up on.

SteveL said...

"Even driving instructors are human!". Certainly, we all make mistakes. But to choose to park on a double yellow line on a road with a primary school in it 5 minutes before it opens is not a mistake, it is a conscious decision. It sets a bad example for everyone, as, along with the police, driving instructors are meant to show other drivers what is, and what is not acceptable. Now, yes, we may appear to pick on L-plate cars. But check our section on range rovers. Or police cars!