Thursday 2 October 2008

Range Rover parking in St Pauls

One of our new correspondents, Stephen, sends in this lovely snap of a Range Rover in St Pauls. Not far from Carboot Circus -maybe they've found a new secret parking space they can use to save on the premium rate the new parking complex charges.

Stephen says: "PN08AKK. A Range Rover. On a pavement. On a double yellow line. On a cycle path. On a junction. Not quite the holy-grail as no school or pedestrian crossing involved.At the junction of Newfoundland Road and Dove Lane in St Pauls, BS2."

Stephen -If you look closely, the RR is on top of where it says "End"; the bike lane does finish there. Any rider who carried straight on would go straight into the back of the Mercedes 4X4. By parking on the pavement and gradually sloping in the road, the Range-Rover provides a more gradual finish to a bike lane that would otherwise end in a dangerous manner.

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